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[ When The Truth Matters ]

We're on the case for you. 
Full service Professional Private Investigators 
serving all of Southern California


M.G.T. Investigative Services has delivered first class investigative services since 2009.  We provide professional, personal service while utilizing the latest in technology.  With over three decades of investigative experience, M.G.T. Investigative Services knows both how to conduct investigations and applies the best resources suited for your case. We only utilize retired or off-duty law enforcement investigators who are experienced and highly-trained.  At M.G.T. Investigative Services we work directly with and for our clients.  

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us with any questions .  All conversations are considered "confidential" and will be treated as such unless directed by court order.

The Investigator in California That You Can Trust


This can be one of the most delicate and sensitive cases for an investigator. These cases normally range from:

Child Custody, Child Support or Divorce.

Depending on the type of case we utilize Surveillance, Background Investigations, Witness Statements and more to obtain the evidence you need to make sound decisions, obtain the evidence you need to present before a judge, 

arbitrator or to simply provide our clients with peace of mind.


For reasons that might be unknown, some people fail to disclose information about themselves. This could be for many reasons including a history of civil activity, criminal arrests, their past or present living situation,  pending and past bankruptcies or judgements. This is just a snapshot of the type of information available if the investigator 

knows where to find it.

Our clients include law firms, businesses and private citizens. Let us find the information you are seeking. We use private and public resources as opposed to those inexpensive ads claiming to be able to locate anyone for a small fee. Those businesses are searching public databases that are free and the information is usually outdated. Our private databases are accurate with current information provided by utility companies, subscription services and others entities.


There may be occasions when you need to find a person(s) or find information regarding a person.    Those occasions may include: 

A missing loved one

A dead-beat parent 

A witness on a case 

A long lost relative   

An heir to an inheritance

A potential romantic partner 

We have the knowledge and tools to assist you in uncovering the secrets to their whereabouts.


For both criminal & civil cases we specialize in canvassing for and obtaining statements from witnesses, victims, and potential suspects. In addition, we locate witnesses and evidence to use in civil, criminal or administrative hearings and also conduct background checks on those persons and others possibly involved.


Fraud continues to be a multi-billion dollar strain on businesses, both small and large and on the economy on all taxpayers.  This fraud can be either medical or non-medical. Worker's Compensation fraud continues to be rampant and can be devastating to a business.


M.G.T. Investigative Services 

gather the video and photographic evidence  required to successfully address the situation.  We have successfully testified to our video evidence in  administrative hearings and court trials.


With more than 40 years teaching, supervising and conducting surveillances, both mobile and stationary, M.G.T. Investigative Services is 

trained to get you the best video and/or photographic evidence possible. We utilize the latest in technology and make these videos available to our clients in the most reasonable amount of time. *Due to California law we are unable to provide audio on our video recordings except in certain situations.

We utilize GPS when appropriate.

Get Privacy & Care

A Private Investigator's job is to find the truth and provide it to their client. 
We’ll take care of that for you.



Michael was able to reunite me with a family member who was thought to be deceased and resolved a mystery that had plagued my family for over 45 years....



Michael and the Investigators at M.G.T. were able to produce clear and convincing video evidence of an employee committing Worker's Compensation fraud. The evidence was given to the employer for possible

denial of a work related

pension and criminal prosecution.


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